Camille Poirier

I have joined the group after several years of experience in the field of oceanography and marine microbial ecology. I am broadly interested in organismal interactions and have investigated this at the microbial level using a combination of flow-cytometry cell sorting and single-cell genomics techniques. My research will also aim at supporting various projects related to the evolutionary history of protists, in particular in understanding the genetic basis underlying the establishment of a nascent endosymbiosis between the ciliate Paramecium bursariai> and the microalgae Chlorella.

Selected Publications

  • Needham DM, Poirier C, Bachy C, George EE, Wilken S, Yung CM, Limardo AJ, Morando M, Sudek L, Malmstrom RR, Keeling PJ, Santoro AE, & Worden AZ. The microbiome of a bacterivorous marine choanoflagellate contains a resource-demanding obligate bacterial associate. Nature Microbiology (2022).
  • Schön ME, Zlatogursky VV, Singh RP, Poirier C, Wilken S, Mathur V, Strassert JFH, Pinhassi J, Worden AZ, Keeling PJ, Ettema TJG, Wideman JG, & Burki F. Single cell genomics reveals plastid-lacking Picozoa are close relatives of red algae. Nature Communications (2021).
  • Hoadley KD, Hamilton M, Poirier C, Choi CJ, Yung C-M & Worden AZ. Selective uptake of pelagic microbial community members by Caribbean reef corals. Applied Environmental Microbiology (2021).
  • Wideman JG, Monier A, Rodríguez-Martínez R, Leonard G, Cook E, Poirier C, Maguire F, Milner DS, Irwin NAT, Moore K, Santoro AE, Keeling PJ, Worden AZ, & Richards TA. Unexpected mitochondrial genome diversity revealed by targeted single-cell genomics of heterotrophic flagellated protists. Nature Microbiology (2019).
  • Needham DM, Poirier C, Hehenberger E, Jiménez V, Swalwell J, Santoro AE, & Worden AZ. Targeted metagenomic recovery of four divergent viruses reveals shared and distinctive characteristics of giant viruses of marine eukaryotes. Philosophical Transactions B (2019).

Hobbies & Interests

I like hiking, cycling, traveling, sometimes combining all, especially when it comes to taking a break and enjoying food and drinks in beautiful settings!