Horizontal Gene Transfer and Trait Acquisition in the Eukaryotes

Royal Society

We have a long-term interest in testing the hypothesis that horizontal gene transfer has played a role in adding traits to eukaryotic lineages. Our work in this area has shown that horizontal gene transfer has been an important factor in the evolution of plant parasitic protists, specifically amending the secretome of oomycetes. Our work in this area also studies the evolution of transporter encoding genes and the role of ‘transporter-HGT’ in eukaryotic evolution, specifically fungi. We are currently testing the hypothesis that this is important for evolution of pathogenesis in the fungi. We are also interested in tracking down vectors for HGT in eukaryotes including the role of viruses in moving genes important for cellular phenotypes between lineages.

Phylogeny illustrating seven transfers of predicted transporter-encoding genes. Phylogeny of published genomes showing proximate points of HGT origin and acquisition for the seven primary HGTs identified. The species phylogeny was calculated from an alignment of 79 taxa and 134,948 characters based on the JGI-1086 hidden Markov models link, using a maximum-likelihood approach in IQ-Tree v1.5.4 with LG model and 1,000 ultrafast bootstraps.

Examples of our work in this area:

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